Why Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Optimizing LinkedIn Is ESSENTIAL To Your Business

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile is important for elevating your personal brand. Make no mistake about it, if you have a business, you MUST have a personal brand. People want to connect with people. The future of marketing is about connecting with people. Person to person.

Thus, when online, ensure that people know WHY they should connect with you. If you have a business,product or service, connect with people in a way that matters… to them. I urge into a new way of thinking about LinkedIn. LinkedIn is way more than an online resume.

Your Audience Dictates Your Profile and Content

Think about what people care about and convey that you understand THEM, their experiences and their desires. It is important to be clear on who your audience is, and what message they can relate to. It takes a change in your mindset to write your experience, credentials and service offerings in a way that solves their problems instead of boasting about yourself. To stand out and garner the attention your brand deserves, your profile must touch people where they care.

Since LinkedIn has almost an unlimited supply of professionals ready to network, you have the ability to grow your connections and generate more leads and clients. When you optimize your LinkedIn profile you’ll stand out, get noticed, and attract those opportunities.

“People use social media to be entertained or educated.” Carlos Gil

Get Found

Carlos Gil quoteTo get found, position yourself as a solution. You have the opportunity to showcase your wisdom and helpful information so that they see you as a leading authority and will want to know what you offer. Since potential clients, other professionals and employers can view your profile and contact you right on the platform, make your profile juicy enough that compels them to contact you. Publish articles and optimize your profile using keywords associated with the topic they are searching for (and that you are expert in). Using commonly searched words and phrases will increase visibility and the traffic on your page.

Be Known

The “Summary” section is where you can make the case that you know their problems and have the solutions that work. In other words, you don’t simply say you are an expert in your field, you prove it. This section should never be left blank and I recommend writing your profile the first person as it’s more personal. You are aiming for a conversational yet benefits oriented tone here. Leave them feeling engaged and wanting to find out more because they know what you can do for them.

Build Your Business

When you create your optimized LinkedIn profile it will be easier for potential clients to reach you by phone, website, email and LinkedIn message. You’ll have featured content (articles, posts, and video) that shows you’re the expert. Once your profile is optimized, you’ll be more confident reaching out and engaging with others. Your profile has the ability to elevate your credibility. If you also start endorsing people’s skills, recommending people, asking for recommendations, joining and contributing to groups, and actively message people to connect with you newly, you’ll find that your profile will be shown to more people you will attract more connections and opportunities. And when these new visitors view your profile they will be more likely to accept your connection request because of the way you’ve optimized your profile.

The key when optimizing your profile is to remember… do NOT write your profile as a resume.

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile means mastering your message so it magentizes your market.

Many potential clients search LinkedIn before deciding on working with someone. It is important to have a profile so you can be found. Optimize yours, then share your content as well as others’ interesting and relevant content, create a community, and get known. You’ll increase your visibility, make a good impression, and gain new leads.

There are many steps to optimizing your LinkedIn profile means mastering your message so it magentizes your market.zng on LinkedIn. I’ve put together a free training series of LinkedIn Best Practices including how to optimize your profile and engage in Social selling to generate more leads from LinkedIn for you.

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