Social Media Planning & Set Up Package

If you’re launching a new business, brand or product/program, and you need clarity on where to be on social media, what to name your accounts, and how many you need, then let’s get this done.

Creating your accounts is easy, but can turn into an utter MESS if you don’t do it right. You may not need new account, you may just need to optimize, edit or rework existing profiles. OR you may need to start from scratch.

We LOVE to customize solutions so they WORK for you. This is not a “how to” or “training” or simple “strategy.” We will GET IT DONE with you.

Laura Rubinstein

Your social media landscape is your brand showcase. 

Let’s get it done RIGHT and make you SHINE.

This package includes:

  • A strategic planning session to determine
    • which social networks are right for you and your brand
    • what names to reserve for your social accounts
    • where to have personal profiles and business company pages
  • A done-with-you working session to
    • establish or edit your accounts according to our plan
    • craft initial account information
    • done online with screen sharing

You’ll work directly with award winning Digital Influencer & Strategist Laura Rubinstein and set up a strong foundation for your brand to grow and thrive.

social media planning and set up packageLimited Number of packages available.