Social Media Advice for New Users

social media help keyRecently I received this question on Klout:  What are the 3 most important pieces of advice you can give to someone who is new to social media? Since Klout only gave me 300 words, I decided to offer a more extensive social media advice article for new users.

Social Media is a Relationship Building Platform

First and foremost, social media is a relationship building platform. If you really want to take advantage of using social media for business purposes, you will work to form quality relationships. If you want to avoid wasting time on the social networks develop a strategic game plan for growth. Learn how to use social media for business and create your social media profit strategy that builds relationships. Make it all about them.

Make It Easy For People To Find You

Make it easy and appealing for others to contact, stay connected, and hire you. Fill in your profiles so you can communicate how your help people and how they can reach you. Remember to write your content in a way that authentically reveals how THEY will benefit. Focus on giving value. That may mean, including your free offer opt-in links in your profile information. In addition, make sure your website links back to your social accounts and visa versa. Whatever you do don’t DIRECT SELL from using your daily updates. If people want you then

Respond and Engage

Don’t abandon your social media networks. If you set them up, they will only look good if you are there. Be sure to check for private messages and public mentions/comments  on each of your accounts a couple of times/week so that people know you are there for them. You don’t want to give the impression of not being serious by having an account but not using it. Post at minimum once a week and ideally 3-5x a week on your various accounts. If you want a strategy that will save you time and position you as a go to leader, get yourself or your team members trained on social media marketing strategies.

Learn More – Free Social Media for Business Training

If you are new to social media, check out this free webinar and get up to speed on how to use social media for business. Simply fill in the form and we will email you an access link to watch it for free.


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