Relationship Building Online: Grow Your Tribe

Over the last 3 weeks, you’ve learned how to reach people online using your content, initiate an online “handshake,” develop a rapport with online friends and find the crave with messages that get the rave! Now you’re ready for the next level of online relationship building: Building Your Tribe.

How To Build Your Tribe

Have you ever known two people, or groups or business and thought, wouldn’t it be great if all the these communities came together? They could help build buzz for the positive things were doing as entrepreneurs for each other.

Whether it’s entrepreneurs, authors, speakers or podcasters, professionals buzzing out for each other is always a good thing. Building each other up getting into that abundance mentality blows scarcity mentality out of the water, because you know who to go to and who’s connected and wants to help.

My Tribe

Silhouette of ten young women, walking hand in hand.I’ve been really focused on taking the Social Buzz Club to a whole new level we’re white labeling it.  That’s a huge jump; it’s a huge vision for me to have other organizations benefit from the power of their tribe. These are the people who already are raving about them, about their work, but want their community to support each other in getting the word out about each other.

My vision is that good people flood the conversation with positive, useful information that builds each other’s credibility influence and serves people in a higher way. That gave me a whole new idea to create an abundance Buzz Club.

When you have people talking about you online, you are elevated to an influencer level. In 2011, my colleague Kathryn Rose and I wanted to create a network of people who would be inspired to collaborate and help each other succeed. And the Social Buzz Club tribe marketing platform was born.

The Social Buzz Club is both a an online software and network of influencers who help each other grow each other’s visibility and authority using the software. If you want to be known as the go-to expert in your market you need others raving about you and endorsing you by sharing your great ideas and content.

Get The Right Guide

Something I alluded to but didn’t quite say was trust the process. You have something rich and amazing and your work makes a difference. You know this in your heart; take that deep breath and take action. Just do something, be in action. Don’t let your fear win, let your vision win!

Go for it,  and reach out. If you need support get support, if you need a community get a community, if you need a coach get a coach, if you need marketing get marketing. If you don’t know what you need, start asking questions of people who do you know. Start with an answer session and let’s plan your next steps.

stairs going upwardMove Through Your Fear

If you stay in that curiosity mindset when you have a fear, you can take that fear, take a breath and transform that fear it into curiosity. The difference between fear and excitement is that breath. So instead of being frozen by fear, you can think, I wonder what that’s about? What can I do? Where do I want to go? Then let that guide you. Trust it, step into it, and if you fail it’s okay. You know failure is not a problem. If you fail fast, you’ll learn something valuable and you can course correct. I like the word mistake and I prefer to say it as two words miss-take. It’s just an opportunity to learn what you could do better next time.

I’m so excited for people to share their good, good work and what gives me juice is fueling other people’s passions. So go out, take that breath and go for it.

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