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When you want to build your business on a shoestring budget or even when you’re ready to invest in your marketing, your organic results are important. Too many people start from a blank slate with ads and they wind up spending a lot of money and have little to show for it. Here are some organic lead generation strategies to increase your visibility, reach, and grow your influence.

How To Grow Your Influence Organically

On social media, the best way to get more reach organically is to “go viral.” But there is no simple formula that works every time. You want to reach new potential clients and get known to a wider audience. That means you need content. And you need your content to gain attention. If you have great content, you’ll need to do more than just share it. In fact, you’ll need other people to share it.

Start With Great Content

What kind of content should you create? Make sure you have set yourself up right. Start with a business model or a compelling offer that your market actually wants. It’s not enough for you to think it’s a great idea. You must give people what they want if you’re going to grab their attention.

You need to create buzz-worthy, share-worthy, and binge-worthy content. To determine if your content is compelling, do a gut check and ask these questions:

  1. Would I be excited to share this content if I saw it from someone else?
  2. Does this content enhance their reputation if they share it?

If you don’t get an emphatic yes to either one of those questions, go back to the drawing board.

Once you have the compelling content topic and format, then you can publish it. Formats that are likely to be shared with your irresistible content include :

  • Blogs,
  • Landing pages
  • Podcasts videos
  • Gifs
  • Memes

Also, remember to craft messages that magnetize each of your markets (grab this free ebook to learn more

Grow Your Buzz & Visibility

Then you need to get it shared. If you have it and want other people to share it, if you want to leverage someone else’s reach, Social Buzz Club is fabulous for that. Try for yourself with a 14-day trial here:

It’s crucial to have a lot of different ways you reach people because people in your market may connect on different platforms and have different media preferences.

Use a variety of media to nurture them through email, SMS marketing, and your posts online. You want to get people talking about you, downloading your book or connecting with you, and following you on social media. That way you will create a ‘buzz’ for yourself.

The more people you are connected with within your market and/or with the influencer of your market the more speaking opportunities, opportunities to gain new clients or new collaborative opportunities with influencers who also speak to your market. Then, you will begin to hear people saying, “I’ve seen you somewhere” or “Do I know you from somewhere?”

In addition to being seen where your market is, you want to be memorable. You can do that with content that resonates.

Optimize Your Share-Worthy Content with Keywords

When you understand your market, your message will be seen. Not only must you provide the right content that impacts them emotionally and/or offers high value and is buzz-worthy, share-worthy, and binge-worthy content, but then you need to optimize it. Great content is the start.

Keywords is the next element to consider in your content. Include these keywords when creating descriptions and content on your pages. It helps with your SEO, your searchability, and your findability for sites like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This helps the people who use these sites every day make it easier to find you. Use the keywords and phrases, the language that your market is typing into their search engines. There is a little bit of negotiation and psychology in your content that has to go on in order to attract the right people.

Do some research on your keywords and take the time to plan a strategy for using them. For example, use your keywords in descriptions on Youtube, LinkedIn, or wherever you’re posting. Filling in the descriptions helps with your SEO. Furthermore, you’ll want to repurpose your content on the various platforms for your audience. This can help your organic presence as well.

Refine Your Online Presence

YouTube Lead Generation Tips

Don’t forget your YouTube channel cover art. Let people know what they will gain by watching your channel. This element can really help to define your credibility and your brand and positions you as a creditable authority.

In your description, be sure to have a call to action. This will help you generate leads for those who want your offer. Ideally, it is relevant to your video and you’ve called attention to the link in your video.

LinkedIn Lead Generation Tips

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile is so beneficial and going to be so valuable for organic leads. It is a highly searched site and Google loves it which makes it easily searchable, definitely use a description posting an article or a blog you wrote, get people to click, and link back to the blog or article on your site. The more you post on LinkedIn the more organic traffic you can create. You can submit your article, it is not that easy to find but if you go where you create a post-it gives you an option to submit an article instead.

Get my LinkedIn Lead Generation kit where you’ll get more details on how to write and repurpose articles and how to optimize your profile to attract more opportunities. It’s a comprehensive system where I give you my social selling training and the best connection request messages that work.

Take Organic Action and You’ll Get Leads

Successful people don’t wait around, they just make a decision and go with it. This is how you get more work down. Just go live, then you can take the stream, post it on YouTube, take the transcript, and create a blog out of it. Then you can create posts that direct people to your youtube or blog posts. Really getting the value out of everything that you do.

Here is a great tip for some real organic traffic. If you are going live and want to promote it ahead of time you can set up the YouTube and embed the YouTube link on your website, then when you are live it will be on your website. Drive traffic right to your home page or opt-in page where you’ve embedded the YouTube live video. The key thing is to preschedule your video because YouTube has the ability to schedule a video and it will give you a link you can then use to embed into your website. This can all be done simply; you don’t need a fancy expensive team to create this organic interactive content on your website or social media sites. Streamyard makes it super easy to schedule and get that link. Even if you don’t preschedule you can still repurpose and share your videos on all your platforms.

Connecting with Others Grows Your Visibility

When you connect with someone on LinkedIn for example, you get the benefit of being found by their connections. To that end, I would love to connect with you. Request connection with me on LinkedIn here. You can reach out to me on LinkedIn, but don’t just hit the request button. Please include a note letting me know where you saw me.

I usually do accept most people but it’s faster if you let me know you read this. This is also a great tip when connecting with people in general. You’ll be seen as more personal and sincerely interested.

You’ll get more organic leads by putting into practice a few of the tips above.


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