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If you are ready to Transform Your Business and want an EXPERT live who answers YOUR questions, then you'll love this...

ACCESS to insider Marketing Strategies monthly session & replay:

Monthly Marketing Strategy Sessions – Only $39 (Limited time. Regularly $127).

Your products and/or services are awesome! Now if only more people knew about them, then you can make the impact you envision. Without marketing strategy, know-how, and best practices and principles, your results will be less than stellar. 

I’ve seen far too many business owners’ dreams be thwarted because they were missing key elements of their branding and marketing.

I want to show you how to do marketing right. Every month I host a live group consulting session where I field YOUR quesiions REAL TIME (or in recordings)… From what are the right marketing tools and tech you need to leverage, to the campaigns that make you stand out and attract  your perfect fit clients. Check out the Marketing Strategy Sessions here 


Calls take place the 3rd Thursday of the month at 1:30 pm PST.

Who is the Monthly Marketing Strategy Sessions (MMSS) for?

The monthly marketing strategy sessions are for those who want:


  • Personalized marketing support from a marketing expert on a monthly basis, without expensive consulting 
  • Inbound/Organic marketing strategies to expand your reach, increase your leads, and build loyal clients
  • Answers to your nagging questions that seem simple but you don’t know where to find the answers
  • Latest marketing strategies 
  • Input on how to increase your website traffic and conversion
  • Advice on the tools to use for email marketing, social media management, CRM, website development, and more
  • Social media lead generation strategies
  • Irresistible messaging that works for your service, product, or program.
  • To grow your marketing know-how, skill and become empowered and consistently attract new leads and convert more new clients

We are your community for expanding your reach, networking and growing your business with the latest marketing strategies, tools, and messaging working now. Every month, you can get your burning marketing questions answered!


Feast of Education Training 2022 Package

• December 15: Create Your 2023 Marketing Plan (training and template)

• January 19, 2023: Appreciation Marketing Strategies for Business Growth

• Up to 80% Discount on Monthly Marketing Strategy Sessions (Have a Marketing Consultant in your back pocket for less than the price of a book each month)

If you’ve attended one, you know how valuable these sessions are. Stay accountable, get the information you need to grow your business, keep your business growing with our monthly tune-up and marketing strategy session. You deserve the success. 


REPLAYS available when you join. Your future clients deserve your service. Join our community and let’s make your marketing work for you.

REPLAY: Design Your Strategic Marketing Plan (December 15, 2022)

Love these strategy sessions?

Don’t miss out on any future content… join the Monthly Marketing Strategy Sessions today.

You’ll love having a marketing expert in your back pocket 24-7. Extra special rate available for a limited time only. I can’t wait to give you more insider tips, tools and marketing tactics.

Replay: January 19, 2023 - Appreciation Marketing Strategy

Zoom Chat for the session is here.

Appreciation Marketing System

Wave Video Creation
AI Content Writing Software (Rtyr) 

High Level – All in on marketing software (CRM, membership, email marketing, calendar, and more)

Thinkific Learning Platform

Gamified Content-Sharing Community and Platform

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Receive marketing strategies, tips, tools, tactics, and answers to your business growth questions from Coach Laura 

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