How To Save Time with a Calendar Booking System

appointment booking system

The most important tool for any business who relies on making personal connections, doing appointments, and networking is a calendar booking system. This changed my life when I implemented it. With this type of software, you will elimite the back and foth on email, text or voicemail to simply set up a time to talk.

The Easiest Way to Sync Up Calendars and Save A Ton of Time

Whether you need to speak with a colleague, team member, prospect, strategic alliance, vendor, and clients, it’s super EASY to book a time when using an online scheduling tool.  These calendar booking systems allow people to pick an open time (that you designate) on your calendar and book it. Many of these systems will send reminder email and/or text messages too.

You might not realize how much time and psychic energy you are using trying to arrange a time to speak with people in your life and especially for business. You will appear to be much more professional with this kind of system. It’s as simple as sending a link that will show them your availability and they can select a convenient time for them to meet with you.

Booking Calendar Requirements

The first thing you need is an online calendar. You can easily connect these systems with your current calendar.

PRO TIP: I block out extra time in my calendar for when I’m working on projects and when I don’t want anyone to book. I call this BUFFER time in my calendar. It’s gives me breathing room to take care of life and be balanced.

You’ll see 5 different calendar booking systems in this video. We highlight our favs which are Book Like a Boss and vCita. Both these systems allow you to easily reschedule appointments, eliminate the confusion of timezone issues, they provide an option for you to approve the meeting request, take payments, automatically add a buffer between meetings and notify you when someone books. You can make your calendar booking page look like a landing page, you can use it to redirect your clients once they confirm their booking and focus it towards what product or service they have selected. Once they have booked an appointment, the system can automatically tag your new client which can enter them into a campaign of automated emails you have set up.

Here is one of the top calendar booking systems out there, is AWESOME.

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