How To Gain Votes Virally When You’re Nominated

Startup San Diego speaker Laura RubinsteinI’m in the voting round to speak at Startup San Diego (conference)… That means I need my community to vote and show the conference coordinators you believe I should be a speaker there. Would you please vote for me here?

The above paragraph is the request I sent to my contacts, friends, and colleagues online after receiving notification that my talk, Online Marketing Essentials for Startup Growth Hacking, has been added to the community voting round for the Startup San Diego 2020 conference #SDSW2020. This means I NEED VOTES – Luckily it’s just 2 clicks. First click this link and then second click the button: UPVOTE THIS SESSION.

Community Building Pays Off

I am truly honored to be in this voting round and now the power of online marketing is about to be seen. Have I really built the community and relationships I think I have over the years? I hope so.

Whether You Vote, You Win!

As with all networking, my rule is always “give first.” I rarely come to the table with purely one-sided asks. And this will be no exception. Yes, I put the request out. But I am also sharing with you my strategies to get the voting to grow online right here in this article.

Vote Building Strategies Playbook

To build votes, here are several of the strategies I’ve implemented.

  1. Post on my public profiles. This will likely start the ball rolling but by no means will it be the key. Like a great conference Startup San Diego Week has supplied the voting page link that when shared on social media pulls in a great image. Plus, they’ve supplied some graphics for Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook (as shown above). Though I will likely use them specifically here on my blog and on Instagram.
  2. Message a fair number of friends, colleagues through the various platform messaging systems with this gentle request (in the first line of this post).
  3. Post a message in my groups in the threads that allow for an “ask” or “promotion.”
  4. Create this blog post and share it through social media.
  5. Add this post to the Social Buzz Club influencer marketing and content sharing platform.
  6. Create a link ( and email this to my lists.
  7. Share the link and request with WhatsApp connections.
  8. Publish this as an article on LinkedIn and share with more connections.
  9. I’ve also asked a few friends to share the post on my Facebook profile with their friends and a note that says… Laura needs a vote to get her on stage at Startup San Diego Week 2020. She’s a dynamite speaker. A simple click here will do it: – Thanks so much.
  10. Let’s crowdsource this… what ideas do you have to grow the votes?

How To Build A Supportive Community

In order for all/any of the above to work, you need to have first built the reputation and community that values you. Over the years, I have developed content that gives insight, tools, strategies in marketing, I’ve shared inspiration, personal stories and opinions and, offered to meet with and discover more about my community. Additionally, I do livestreams regularly (15/month) and show up at events in person. In fact, people often comment how they see me online and feel like they know me when we meet in person.

You Can Build Your Community By Sharing A Valuable Resource

Would you be willing to share this post? If you feel this article offers valuable tips on how to get the vote out for your awards or speaking nominations, then please use these ideas and furthermore, please share this article link to your networks.

Any speaker or author will appreciate having these strategies as eventually you/they will be nominated to a voting round. Take a page from my playbook and let’s get the vote out for you too.

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