How To Create Infographics with Visme

visme templates 5If you’ve searched for an easy way to create infographics, this article may reveal your solution. Infographics are great value pieces brands use to demonstrate their expertise, display statistics, and offer a visual explanation of a process or service. But creating infographics typically requires great skill with graphic design… until now. Visme is one of the easiest tools for the non-designer to create high quality professional looking images and infographics.

What is Visme?

Visme is a web based tool that allows you to create almost any visual type of content that you need. With Visme, you’re able to create infographics and slides as well as animate your presentations.

Why Visme instead of Canva or Others

If you want to create more engaging visual content, then Visme has unique features that can make you seem like a seasoned graphic artist. While both are easy to use and able to generate well-designed graphics, the main difference between Visme and Canva are what goes beyond the actual design.

Visme let’s you design, animate, as well as analyze the effectiveness of your content. You’re also able to add audio and video to your project.

Interactivity is the word of the year for 2020 in content creation. What interactivity can you do with Visme?
Another cool feature with Visme that you don’t see with the other guys  Custom content blocks. Which means you can create groups of elements and save them for you to use in other projects (there are then available for any format — another infographic you create later, or a presentation, document, or social graphic).

Use Visme to create a more versatile infographic or presentation. It’s free to try Visme

Why Visme Is So Cool for Creating Infographics

Visme offers a huge library of pre-designed layouts. There’s so much to choose from when it comes to content blocks, widgets, photos and graphics. This ensures that you’ll have what you need to make your projects visually appealing.

Make your next graphic with Visme and see for yourself the difference. Why not? You get 3 projects for free.

Pre-built Awesome Templates

To create the infographic in Visme you can choose one of the hundreds of beautiful custom built infographic templates or you can start from a blank canvas and access a large library of content blocks which you can stack on top of each other and easily customize to build your own custom infographic in minutes not hours.

Here are some examples of infographics we’ve created here at Transform Today from the Visme templates


The other VERY cool feature that Visme has for both infographics and presentation is to put in animations of elements flying in. You can adjust the timing and type of animation for each element or group of elements.


Not only do you have 120 fonts at your disposal, but you have formatting options beyond spacing. They have padding.

What You Get When You Buy Visme

Visme’s Basic package is free and you’d be able to get 100 MB storage for making up to 3 projects that you can download as JPG. Some templates and widgets will be available to you and you can download your content or make them available to the public.

With their paid package you get more projects and storage plus:

  • All Premium Assets & Templates
  • No Visme Brand on Projects
  • Download as PDF
  • All Charts & Widgets
  • Create color palettes

Other Things You Can Do with Visme

If you need to make Graphs and Charts, Printables, Scatter Plots or publish Survey results, use Visme for free.

You’ll also get access to smart slide transitions that let you animate your slides in minutes.

Not only will you be able to add data manually, you can also import it from an excel file or a live source.

To top it off, Visme offers analytics that will let you evaluate the engagement of your content.

Visme is used to make Graphs and Charts

Visme is used to also create Printables such as Flyers

Visme is also used to create Scatter Plots

Visme is also used to publish Survey results

infographic blocks

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