How To Embed Facebook Live In Your WordPress Blog

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Why let your Facebook Live video get buried in your Facebook feed when you can place it right in a blog post or on a page in your WordPress site? Repurposing content is a great content marketing strategy and can be very useful if you’re producing video that has valuable information you want to keep track of, refer your visitors to, and support your sales processes as well.

Facebook has made available the code you need to feature your video on your WP sites… just like you see here. This is a livestream interview I did on a business page recently for Women Speakers Association.

Simple Steps To Embed Video (with images)

To embed your livestreamed video on your blog like the above video, follow these steps:

  1. Find your livestream video on your Facebook timeline and click anywhere on the video
  2. It will open up to cover most of your screen. Then locate and click on the 3 dots on the right.
  3. Select the Embed option in the dropdown
  4. Copy the iframe code that you see. Be sure to capture the entire bit that goes beyond what you can see. 
  5. Go into your WordPress Page or Post and select the Text tab (red arrow in image below). Place your cursor where you want the video (highlighted below) in the page code and paste the code to embed facebook video step 5

10 Reasons To Embed Your Facebook Live Videos On Your Website

If you’re not sure why you’d want to embed your Facebook Live on your site, consider these ideas:

  1. Have a central place where you house your video content (without taking up server space).
  2. Create blogs easily (if video is easy, why not create a vlog)
  3. Take it a step further and have the transcription
  4. Turn your video into podcast and create show notes on your blog with the video and audio
  5. Build loyalty by getting more personal and authentic with your audience on your website
  6. Draw more traffic to your website
  7. Have a place to share content with non-Facebook users. Yes, some businesses have markets that are not on Facebook. Now you can include them too.
  8. Add value by adding
  9. Get opt-ins by placing a form on the page you embed your livestream on a landing page
  10. Grow your list by placing your livestream on an evergreen thank you page where you deliver the content that got buried in your stream in exchange for an email address.

Even though embedding is great, I highly suggest you keep a backup copy of all your livestreams by downloading them. To do so, follow step 1 and 2 above. Then for step 3 select the “Download Video” option and save it to your computer.

More ideas on how to leverage livestreaming for your business is in this article: 10 Livestreaming Ideas for Business Growth.

Facebook Live Done For You

Get streaming. If you need a strategy, want a host for your show, or want someone to embed Facebook video and have the tech part done for you, ask me how.


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  1. Sharon Sayler

    Thank you, Laura, for this very helpful post. So simple, and yet I’d been wondering for some time how to do it… Now I know and did it in just a minute or two! Awesome!!


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