How To Conquer Social Media Overwhelm

conquer social media overwhelmDo you ever feel overwhelmed, frustrated and downright stuck in your small business? You’re not alone. I hear people say stuff like this all the time especially when they want to conquer social media overwhelm.

Overwhelm occurs when you feel like you have so much to do and can’t possibly see how you can get it all done. On top of that, you believe that if it doesn’t all get done something terrible will happen.
Instead of rushing to get things done, it’s time to look overwhelm in the face and understand what’s really going on, make some conscious choices and get organized with some simple tools and dare I say it, some outside “help.”

The key to getting over your overwhelm involves 3 steps:

1. Evaluating and tending to your emotions
2. Making choices in alignment with your values
3. Getting organized (Make lists, and see what there really is to do, what can be delegated)

Discover how to put the 3 step process of curing your overwhelm into action below…

1. Evaluate and Tend To Your Emotions

When you’re in a state of overwhelm, one of the best things to do is stop for a moment and acknowledge what you are feeling. Do your best to use emotion words like sad, anxious, scared, angry, etc. To tend to these feelings, listen to and take note of the chatter you are saying to yourself. Is the self-talk helpful? Or are you saying things like “I don’t see how I can get this all done, I can’t possibly understand this, etc. If so, they make the issue worse. Then it’s time to evaluate, reframe and reword.  Start with asking yourself, “Is that really true?” “What will really happen if I don’t get all this done? Is that true?” Then you can start to tell yourself what you can get done and acknowledge the capabilities you do have.

Give yourself permission to step away briefly from the tasks to get a different perspective. Take a short walk, do some exercise, meditate, run a quick errand. This interrupts the pattern and allows for you to see the situation in a different light.

2. Clarify What’s Most Important To You, Your Goals and Values

Ask yourself, “What’s important?” Then ask “What’s important do first?   Additionally, ask yourself questions like, “What is not urgent?” These questions help clarify what is essential to handle.

Once you get the answers, start to practice making choices that are in alignment. For example, if you have to wash your car, help your kids do homework and prepare for work meetings. The car may not be as important as your kids and work. Can you give your kids a few moments before doing the work? Is there a quick way to prepare for the meetings or are you trying to be a perfectionist? If you’re a perfectionist, this may be the source of the pressure you feel. If you loosen the reigns of your perfectionism, you will have a lot more freedom. Consider this… “done is better than perfect.”

3. Get Organized

Getting organized will give you a sense of being in control. Sometimes that’s all you need to end the feelings of overwhelm. Create a written list of what you feel you need to get done. Just making the list can instantly ease the pressure. When you can see exactly what is on your plate, your brain can create a reality of getting it done. When you haven’t laid it all out visually, you can get consumed by a thought about it that is based in fear and not in reality.

Next, prioritize your list according to what is most important. Include the amount of time that you want to dedicate to that task. If that is not realistic, then you’ll need to make a choice about how important it is. Check the list and determine what you can delegate or get help with. Asking for help can feel like you have a weakness. However, consider this, asking for help is a bold move.  It means you’re serious about getting it done and creating a breakthrough in your success.

Conquer Social Media Overwhelm

When it comes to being able to conquer social media overwhelm this process is super helpful. Evaluate your emotions: Are you simply anxious about technology, afraid you won’t understand it, or simply feels like another thing on your list? Establish what is important about social media and put it in the right priority of your business. If your clients are stable and you have time to supplement your marketing, then you can move social media up the list. Make a list of all the steps you need to go through. Seek out and accept help or social media marketing consulting.

Think of social media as a part of your marketing. Check out the Savvy Social Media Blueprint we make available to help conquer your social media overwhelm and make it work for you.

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