6 Business Growth Tactics For Entrepreneurs [Infographic]

If you’re an entrepreneur wondering how to ensure your business grows, you must get your marketing down. Start with these tactics discussed in the full article on how to Amplify Business Growth with These 6 Entrepreneur Hacks.

Quick Business Growth Guide

Use this infographic as a handy reference and business growth guide.

If you’re one of the many businesses that has left marketing as an afterthought or simply thought how hard could this be, we just go on Facebook and we’ll figure it out, take a step back. Garner sales from social media is an art and a scient and takes a well thought out strategy and often will take months or years to perfect.

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Shoutout to Visme for the easy infographic creation tool.


How To Embed Facebook Live In Your WordPress Blog

embed facebook live

Why let your Facebook Live video get buried in your Facebook feed when you can place it right in a blog post or on a page in your WordPress site? Repurposing content is a great content marketing strategy and can be very useful if you’re producing video that has valuable information you want to keep track of, refer your visitors to, and support your sales processes as well.

Facebook has made available the code you need to feature your video on your WP sites… just like you see here. This is a livestream interview I did on a business page recently for Women Speakers Association.

Simple Steps To Embed Video (with images)

To embed your livestreamed video on your blog like the above video, follow these steps:

  1. Find your livestream video on your Facebook timeline and click anywhere on the video
  2. It will open up to cover most of your screen. Then locate and click on the 3 dots on the right.
  3. Select the Embed option in the dropdown
  4. Copy the iframe code that you see. Be sure to capture the entire bit that goes beyond what you can see. 
  5. Go into your WordPress Page or Post and select the Text tab (red arrow in image below). Place your cursor where you want the video (highlighted below) in the page code and paste the code there.how to embed facebook video step 5

10 Reasons To Embed Your Facebook Live Videos On Your Website

If you’re not sure why you’d want to embed your Facebook Live on your site, consider these ideas:

  1. Have a central place where you house your video content (without taking up server space).
  2. Create blogs easily (if video is easy, why not create a vlog)
  3. Take it a step further and have the transcription
  4. Turn your video into podcast and create show notes on your blog with the video and audio
  5. Build loyalty by getting more personal and authentic with your audience on your website
  6. Draw more traffic to your website
  7. Have a place to share content with non-Facebook users. Yes, some businesses have markets that are not on Facebook. Now you can include them too.
  8. Add value by adding
  9. Get opt-ins by placing a form on the page you embed your livestream on a landing page
  10. Grow your list by placing your livestream on an evergreen thank you page where you deliver the content that got buried in your stream in exchange for an email address.

Even though embedding is great, I highly suggest you keep a backup copy of all your livestreams by downloading them. To do so, follow step 1 and 2 above. Then for step 3 select the “Download Video” option and save it to your computer.

More ideas on how to leverage livestreaming for your business is in this article: 10 Livestreaming Ideas for Business Growth.

Facebook Live Done For You

Get streaming. If you need a strategy, want a host for your show, or want someone to embed Facebook video and have the tech part done for you, ask me how.


10 Livestreaming Ideas For Business Growth

Yes, real time video is here to stay. YouTube Live (aka Google Hangouts On Air),  Periscope, and the now defunct Blab and Meerkat lead the way. In 2016 Facebook launched Live and continues to build on its video streaming platform. Captioning, desktop streaming, group video messaging are just some of the features Facebook rolled out. Twitter now has a desktop producer for Periscope and rolled out its “Live” ability on its app. Of course, there’s the old reliable (sort of) YouTube Live too.

Announce events: Hop on Periscope or Facebook Live and announce your upcoming webinars, live events, or longer livestreaming events. You could even promote others events.

Offer Teaching Points: Share something useful that they might be searching for or wanting support with. The longer you’re on, the more audience you’ll get.

Day In The Life Of (CEO, staff, thought leader): When you give people slice of life insight into you and your teams work life and maybe even some fun time (especially if the promise of your work is more freedom for them), they connect more deeply, they talk about you and they remain more loyal.

Interview Other Leaders: When you interview someone else they and their tribe are likely to buzz about it

Repurpose Your Livestreams: Embed them on your blog as new posts and share out again to social media days later.

Feature Client Results: Before and after case study. Use an app that lets you screen share from your desktop. There are a couple for Facebook.

Report In From Industry Conference: You can even grab some speakers and have them do a shout out to your market

Have A Compelling & Effective Call To Action (CTA): During the video plant seeds for how they can get a gift or results and where to reach you/your brand to do that. If you’re offering a gift create a landing page and associated funnel to go along with that so you can nurture your contacts to the next step toward doing business with you.

Plan a Regular Livestreaming Show: Poll your tribe and find out what they would come regularly to watch. Edutainment is very hot. Here are some examples of regular livestreaming shows on Facebook:

Video Newsletter: You’ve worked hard on your newsletter and some won’t read it. Why not do a video overview of your newsletter and be sure to let people know where they can subscribe to get the written version.

Make the Most of Your Live Stream Video

When you create video on one platform be sure to download it and then upload it to your other accounts… Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, & Vimeo. You can create an article in LinkedIn and pin YouTube videos in Pinterest. Also you can use video editing tools like Animoto or Adobe Spark to cut 1 minute clips and post to instagram.


Social Media and Livestream Power Combo

Have you used livestreaming for your business or watched any recently? Maybe you’ve watched a Facebook Live, Periscope show or Blab. Video has been the social media darling for the last 3 years and livestreaming on sites like blab.im has taken video to the interactive level. Using these uber-social platforms along with your regular social media are helping brands grow visibility faster than ever. Want to know more? Watch Tonya Hoffman and I in action. We’ll be live here on May 24 at 8:30 am Pacific if you want to chat. Otherwise, sit back, relax and enjoy the blab.

Thriving In Relationships, Social Media and Business Through The Holidays

If you’re about to take time off for the holidays, some simple social media and self-care preparation will help your business growth continue through the holidays and help you have the happiest of holidays.

During our blab (embedded below) we spoke about how to use social media, and do some emotional preparation to be ready for happy holiday season. This post also elaborates on how to create a holiday business plan for positive cash flow as well.

The Power of Reflection To Prepare For Your Holiday Season

Take a few moments to reflect about who you are. What do you stand for? When you take this time, you are more likely to express that person you authentically are.

As Rhoberta Shaler says, “Know who you are, what you stand for and what you want to contribute.” For when you “Know what you value and invest your time accordingly. This is integrity and it will bring you peace.”

When you can come from the place of what you value. you can most easily demonstrate that in your personal and business relationships.

Simple Holiday Success Plan

Once you have taken the time to contemplate what’s most important to you this holiday season you may want to further that by holding it as an intention. For example, my intention this season is to be a source of positive energy and joy.

  1. Next see if your intention can be used as the theme for your holiday business season. Use the following checklist to drive toward your seasonal success.
  2. Create memes (quotes on images that you can share out on social media) or other inspiring media.
    Develop a valuable offer -What can you give back on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, or Cyber-Monday.
  3. Communicate that offer either via newsletters, personal email, or social media content
  4. Stay in touch – reach out to individuals (influencers, colleagues and clients) and let them know why you are grateful for them in private messages on social media.
  5. Make a list of clients you appreciate and send personalized greetings and gifts if they are in your budget. To make it relatively simple, you can use a system like SendOutCards to send personalized paper greeting cards in the mail (and even include gifts). The art of sending personalized greetings through the mail is having a revival. Sending personal messages whether by email, privately through social media, and/or via snail mail will keep you top of mind during the holidays.

Empowering Ways Of Being in Business and On Social Media

Laura-Rubinstein-social-goodYou have so many creative ways to enhance your brand and reputation on social media. Start by holding the intention to bring the best of your brand out. Hide negative posts. Step away from the drama. Find ways to use social media for social good and bring positive energy to the world.

Keep in mind, Rhoberta’s wisdom: “Give only what you’re willing to receive. Be the person you are willing to have come back to you.”

Give generously, be uplifting, inspire someone. Avoid the drama and trauma. Remember, social media is not a theraputic forum. Rather, bring the best of yourself online.

Reflect on yesterday. What kind of contribution did you make? What kind of contribution would you like to make today? Try these on: caring, compassionate, uplifting. Then focus your social media posts, comments and shares to make that difference. Think about what messages you would like to receive and go have a “love fest” online and share your positive energy.

Thanksgiving is a time of being grateful. When you feel grateful you are in a generous state of mind. To start the season off right and profitable, what generous offer can you make to clients and fans? You have Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. Now many companies are starting early with their sales. How will your business celebrate?

Our Blab on How To Prepare To Thrive Through The Holidays


Who am I and who do I want to be?

Perhaps you are feeling like you’ve done some personal development and opened your heart, and have more love to express. To ensure you remain in that heart space, don’t expect others to have changed. It is important to stay being the new you and don’t drift back into old patterns. You may want to maintain a tranquil harmonious loving state. One tip to do so is to give up expectations of other people being different and love them for who they are. That’s you being who you are and not projecting your stress onto others.

Emotional Preparation

Take the time before you get into your holiday activities and travel to prepare to bring the best of you out with the following steps:

  1. List who you love and what you love about them. What you are looking forward to?
  2. Be that when you arrive.
  3. Hold the intention to connect. Create a theme.

Self-Care Packing List.

To help create positive state changes through your holidays, create a care package. If you get out of sync with the best of you, think about what would bring you back. Here’s a list of items to ensure you have
Music that makes you smile on the inside:

  1. Sneakers for taking a walk
  2. Inspiring Reading
  3. Mediation recordings

Journal to write down and work through your emotions and derailing thoughts
Come From Joy and Stay There Even if You Need To Leave

Remember if you are participating in the holidays why not start out with the idea an intention to go into it with joy, to connect, share and love (leave the demands and judgments ). Be willing to leave if things get rough. Leave to keep your integrity in tact. If you don’t have something good to say, don’t say anything. If you don’t have something uplifting to contribute, it might be time to go. Simply don’t engage in the drama.