How To Create A Logo Online For Free

To design a logo you don’t have to spend hundreds or thousands when you need a quick, clean and good looking logo. There are up to 3 parts of a logo that you may choose to include. The must have piece is the name of your company. The optional pieces are the icon (which often is referred to as the logo) and a slogan. If you need a customized icon or

There is a reason graphic designers get paid well. And if you don’t have a sense of graphic style or online design ability, these designers are well worth hiring. The time it will take you to create, edit and potential re-create a logo doing it yourself (even with the easiest of tools like I’m going to show you) may not get you as far if you are artistically challenged.

If you’re a creative type, you can become a faux graphic designer using online sites. Sites like DesignEvo and are two that I found to be easiest. They have similar features. DesignEvo’s advantage is that you may download a free version. It’s lower resolution, but it is fine to use online on a website/blog and/or social media accounts and graphics.

Almost Free Logo Online Design Tools

DesignEvo has a very easy to use editor. I found more unique icon choices at but you have to spend a minimum of $39.95 for the logo files. It is free to make your design on, however, the logo is not free to download or use. The downloadable file is what you basically pay for. DesignEvo will simply ask you to give credit on social media to download the logo design you make. If budget is a factor you might simply try both tools, see which you like best and go from there.

The Online Design Tool Features

Both design tools are easy to use. The designer interface is more basic than DesignEvo.  DesignEvo allows you to use a gradient color scheme on the icon. You can change the colors, fonts, sizing, and orientation of the logo. You can add elements like shapes colored background. You can also add an outline and shadow to text, adjust the text opacity, and in 1 click make text all uppercase. editor is much simpler. You can change solid colors and font sizes and color (no shadow or outline) and orientation of icon and text.  The icon suggestions could be better on DesignEvo. I find that LogoMaker gives me better ideas for logo icons. In fact, it appears they pick images that may correspond to the words in the business name.

Compare Logo Design Quality

See for yourself. Here are to screen shots from each design tool. You’ll find hundreds if not thousands of options on each site, so by all means, check them out for yourself. This is no way meant to be comprehensive.

This is DesignEvo

Below is LogoMaker

Whether you’re into design or simply know what you like in a logo design, give these free online logo editors a try to create your custom design.

If you need a logo designed and you’re not a DIY design type person, hire a graphic design firm that understands marketing and is experienced at logo design.

3 Easy Tools To Make Infographics And Quote Graphics

The social web is filled with helpful information and often you will find infographics that allow you to easily and quickly consume everything from statistics to recipes.  Other times a piece of inspiration will cross your feed and evoke a powerful emotion because of the imagery and message. Making these images on your own is easier than ever with online tools. Best part is we’re highlighting three that are free to use.

Note: This blog post has been updated to include a fourth infographic tool as of Dec 2017.

Types of Infographics

Wondering what kind of infographic you could make? Think about the useful, entertaining, or educational information you know or can collect. Maybe you have a step by step blog already that you could repurpose into an infographic. Here is a list of types of infographics you might choose from. In fact, this list might make a great infographic itself someday.

  • How To’s
  • Before and After
  • Lists of Resources or Tools
  • Statistics and Awareness Raising info
  • Checklists
  • Tips
  • Recipes
  • Top ___ Lists

You could get a lot of ideas for more types of infographics on Pinterest.

Before starting on the graphic design, be sure to prepare your content. Start with the text that you will relay on the image. Are there any statistics you want to research? Infographics often contain a variety of images within them. Gather the icons, images and design elements that you want to include and then get ready to create.

How To Make Infographics and Quote Images

I had a lot of fun using three tools (there are many more available) to create quote images and infographics. What I most like about these tools is that I used the free version of them and they were relatively easy to use.

  1. Piktochart is what I used to make the infographic you see below. They have templates that you can populate. It will take a little time, but if you like online software, go for it. You can create a professional looking design without paying for one.
  2. Stencil was super fast because it even supplies you quotes to use.
  3. Canva is my go to tool for images for social media.
  4. is a BONUS tool that I newly found and has infographic, social media, presentation templates and more. It’s great for creating infographics like the one we did for 6 entrepreneur growth tactics.


how to create infographics

3 Great Ways to Do Keyword Research

How To Keyword research for seo

Listening to SEO experts about Google’s Panda and Penguin changes, most say superior content is going to get you ranked better than using blackhat, backlinking and other questionable techniques. Being a supporter of high quality content online, I was excited to hear that. So how do you determine what kind of content is valuable and will be viewed by your target market? Go straight to the source… your clients.

The Ultimate Keyword Finder – Your Clients

Yes, I dare say it… your best clients and your ideal prospects are going to be your ultimate keyword finder. The key to getting the keywords out of your clients and prospects is to ask the right questions. Then, listening for exactly what they are saying. You may even want to record them and write down their words verbatim.

Ask a dozen of your current, past, and prospective IDEAL clients to answer the following:

1. If you were looking for someone like me, what would you type into Google?
2. What are the kinds of problems you would call a firm like ours to help you with?
3. If you were going to describe my services to a friend, what would you say?
4. Describe the results that mattered most to you from the work I did for you.
5. What would you tell your friends about us?

As your interviewees answer, be sure to jot down the exact words they use. Remember the way your customers think, is not how you think. So you can really learn a lot when you pay attention to their phrasing, needs, concerns and preferences. Like any survey, remember the bell curve applies to this process as well. There will be answers that are outliers. You will not want to use those. If you do enough interviews, however, you will begin to hear phrases repeated. Those are your best keywords to focus on.

Check Out Popular Brands That Market Successfully to Your Clients

Recently I was doing some keyword research for a client targeting successful style-aware men. I decided to go to the GQ Magazine website to watch their videos, read their blog posts and glean the keywords that they are using to attract this market. Not only were keywords abundant, but the marketing buzz words were flying out of the video faster than I could write them down.

Tip: Also check the source page (right click anywhere on the site and select “View Source”) for the meta description and keywords is a handy little way to see what they are optimizing their site for.

What brands are successfully marketing to your niche market?

What are the brands your market is talking about?

Make your list and go to those sites and find out what they are doing.

Use Keyword Tools Like Google Keyword Planner

Every good web designer and SEO specialist uses online keyword tools. By hiring a professional you will get the best job right. In the mean time, here are some free keyword tool options you can explore that will get you started and make your SEO teams job a little easier.

Google Keyword Planner (formerly External Keyword Tool) is by far the most talked about and used free keyword research tool. This shows you how often phrases you type in are being searched and how competitive they are for ads. The more competitive they are the lower chance of your site being found as a result unless you are willing to spend a lot on PPC advertising.

Google also has a tool that gives you insights about trending topics.  Typing in your keywords and seeing the trends will help you identify whether people are really interested and reading about the phrases. You may also search for current unrelated hot trends and work them into your blog posts.

Keyword Spy allows you to put in a domain name of your competitor or other brand that targets your market and shows what they are spending money on

Alexa will show you the queries related to a particular domain.

Though you may not be an expert at keyword research, you will learn a lot starting with these 3 ways to do keyword research.

Add Your Keyword Research Tips and Tools

If you have additional keyword research tips and resources, please share yours in the comments below.