10 Ways to Grow Your List on Social Media

how to use social media to grow your list

Wondering what to post on social media that will attract more leads? These top 10 strategies will turbocharge your social media presence and help build your list.

💥 Brace yourself, because growth is getting personal. 💥

  1. Post Frequently – I know this can be intimidating but it doesn’t have to be.  Share what has caught your interest recently or an epiphany you just had or something you love that others might too. At least be consistent with quality content. Include a call to action where you don’t ask them buy anything. You can:
    1. give something away
    2. ask them to engage like post a strategy that works for them or high five if you can relate.
  2. Go Live Weekly – Share a tip, interview a colleague, review an event, book, movie, or training. #BeCreative. Remember to state only ONE call to action on a live stream or video.
  3. Respond Personally to Comments – Don’t ignore those comments on your posts. Recognize the people who are watching you during a live feed. At a minimum, wave at them 👋 Be encouraging and let them know you are a positive person. You never know when they are going to reach out to you.
  4. Participate in Groups with members in your target market – Share valuable tips and encouragement. But do not be salesy or opportunistic otherwise you’ll turn them off. Trust that they will look you up if they are intrigued by your genuine support and contribution.
  5. Ask Questions – Crowdsource ideas about your plans to offer a new product, service or program. You’ll find out more about your target audience.
  6. Reward Your Followers & reciprocate –  Respond to comments, like, and comment on your followers posts. Be generous. Remember the adage what you sow you will reap.
  7. Provide Compelling Content – Create content with high value. Do a gut check if you wouldn’t share it if someone else posted it, then go back to the drawing board. The more compelling it is, the more you position yourself as the go-to authority they want to learn more from.
  8. Sponsored Ads – Use the boost feature or ad dollars to reach more of an audience on posts that are getting some organic traction. Make sure you have an offer that is converting without ads.
  9. Retarget – Once you get their attention, have something ready to follow up with them. This is a great strategy for focusing your paid ads, SMS, and email nurture sequences.
  10. Direct Message (DM) Your Connections & Followers – Engage & connect with your followers. Make them feel special that you reached out to them personally. In other words, don’t use a canned message. Instead, compliment something you admire about their profile, thank them for their comment, and offer them something for free (that takes no effort on their part). For example, you could quote them in a blog post and share the link.

How to Create Compelling Content

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