10 Livestreaming Ideas For Business Growth

Yes, real time video is here to stay. YouTube Live (aka Google Hangouts On Air),  Periscope, and the now defunct Blab and Meerkat lead the way. In 2016 Facebook launched Live and continues to build on its video streaming platform. Captioning, desktop streaming, group video messaging are just some of the features Facebook rolled out. Twitter now has a desktop producer for Periscope and rolled out its “Live” ability on its app. Of course, there’s the old reliable (sort of) YouTube Live too.

Announce events: Hop on Periscope or Facebook Live and announce your upcoming webinars, live events, or longer livestreaming events. You could even promote others events.

Offer Teaching Points: Share something useful that they might be searching for or wanting support with. The longer you’re on, the more audience you’ll get.

Day In The Life Of (CEO, staff, thought leader): When you give people slice of life insight into you and your teams work life and maybe even some fun time (especially if the promise of your work is more freedom for them), they connect more deeply, they talk about you and they remain more loyal.

Interview Other Leaders: When you interview someone else they and their tribe are likely to buzz about it

Repurpose Your Livestreams: Embed them on your blog as new posts and share out again to social media days later.

Feature Client Results: Before and after case study. Use an app that lets you screen share from your desktop. There are a couple for Facebook.

Report In From Industry Conference: You can even grab some speakers and have them do a shout out to your market

Have A Compelling & Effective Call To Action (CTA): During the video plant seeds for how they can get a gift or results and where to reach you/your brand to do that. If you’re offering a gift create a landing page and associated funnel to go along with that so you can nurture your contacts to the next step toward doing business with you.

Plan a Regular Livestreaming Show: Poll your tribe and find out what they would come regularly to watch. Edutainment is very hot. Here are some examples of regular livestreaming shows on Facebook:

Video Newsletter: You’ve worked hard on your newsletter and some won’t read it. Why not do a video overview of your newsletter and be sure to let people know where they can subscribe to get the written version.

Make the Most of Your Live Stream Video

When you create video on one platform be sure to download it and then upload it to your other accounts… Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, & Vimeo. You can create an article in LinkedIn and pin YouTube videos in Pinterest. Also you can use video editing tools like Animoto or Adobe Spark to cut 1 minute clips and post to instagram.


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